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Pakefield Holiday Village



Pakefield Holiday Village is located near Lowestoft in Suffolk and is a peaceful and well-maintained resort.

The grounds are beautiful, not a rabbit hole or ant hill in sight, presenting a perfect opportunity for an outdoor party.


The restaurant will be serving hot and cold food from the buffet. For you night owls, we have negotiated a later Breakfast sitting.

travel & parking

Pakefield has a large on site car park that is free of charge.

Check In

As with previous events, your emailed entry tickets include a QR code for express entry; have it ready on your phone or printed. To avoid internet issues, please save it before leaving home.

If you've transferred from Camber Storm or Southport Blush, please simply bring your entrance tickets for these events - your QR code remains valid at Pakefield.

If you have booked for other people, you must register their name(s) and email address(es) at This will allow them to receive their QR code directly and save lengthy queues at check-in.

Please note that codes are only valid for named attendees so please make sure that all the information for your booking is completed before the event.

Check-In Times

Club Rooms: From 3pm

Classic Rooms: From 4pm

Share With A Stranger Rooms: From 5pm

Dance Rooms

The venue is perfect for dancing, with four amazing dance spaces there will be lessons and freestyles to suit everyone's taste and level.

ROOM facilitIes

Each apartment is ground level, and only a short stroll from the main entertainment area. You can choose between Club and Classic rooms, Club being closer proximity, and with more up to date facilities.

Rooms are very well kept, complete with a bedroom area, vanity unit, TV and either a shower-over-bath or shower cubicle, allocated at random (specific bathroom configurations can be requested at time of booking, subject to availability.)

The event is catered, so no need for an extensive kitchen. In each room you'll find a microwave, toaster, kettle, small sink and mini fridge. Our self catered rooms also feature a hob and oven unit for a small surcharge.


Dip into the pool, play a round of crazy golf or go for a romantic walk on the beach, there is plenty to do in your down time at Pakefield!

room options & pricing

We have been able to agree on exceptional rates with the hotel for our first event. This is to accommodate the many booking transfers from our Southport event.  We will always push for the lowest price possible to make our events as accessible as possible for our dancers, however, prices may be adjusted in the future.

Any price adjustments will be clearly publicised prior to bookings opening for future events.

Rooms for 6 people
From £1014
£169 per person
Rooms for 4 people
From £736
£184 per person
Rooms for 2 people
From £488
£244 per person
Share With A Stranger
From £149
Rooms for 5 people
From £1020
£204 per person
Rooms for 3 people
From £612
£204 per person
Solo Occupancy Rooms
From £289


Pakefield Holiday Village, London Road, Lowestoft, UK

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