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Frequently asked questions



What is your cancellation policy? 

If you book and then find you are unable to attend, then you can get a partial refund of your payment. The amount you receive back is dependent upon the date you advise us of your intention to cancel, at which point you forfeit your booking, and we are free to offer the space for sale. 


If you cancel 18 weeks or more before the event, you will receive an 80% refund. 
If you cancel between 14 - 17 weeks before the event, you will receive a 70% refund. 
If you cancel between 7 - 13 weeks before the event, you will receive a 50% refund. 
If you cancel between 1 - 6 weeks before the event, you will receive a 25% refund. 
If you cancel within 7 days of the event, you will receive 0% refund. 


Cancellation notification must be submitted by email and be received by our office within 24 hours of the cancellation date boundaries above to qualify for the refund. We do not accept cancellations by phone. 


NB: All cancellations will be subject to a minimum £10 administration fee. 


Travel Insurance – You may have taken out specific travel insurance or have an annual policy in which case we will provide a detailed summary to assist your claim. 


Can I book on my own? 

Yes! There are single occupancy apartments available at our events, and the communal dining and dancing environments will provide plenty of opportunities for social interaction. Many other dancers will be travelling to the event on their own too, so come and join in the fun! 


Can I pay for just one night, or stay offsite and just book a day pass? 

Accommodation options at the event location are 3 night bookings. Single nights are not available. 


Some (but not all) our events offer day passes, with no accommodation, should you wish to stay offsite. Please read the options under ‘Prices’ on our venue pages to see whether day passes are available at your chosen event.  


Events that do not offer this option are dictated by the licensing laws of the premises, and therefore beyond our control.  


How will I receive my ticket? 

You will receive an automated confirmation for your booking when you book online. 


We will not send anything by post. 


All you need to do is turn up on site, with your QR code, (please ensure your group leader has logged all your details onto the booking before the event to create your QR code).  Once scanned, you can pick up your wristband and keys by telling the team member the name of the lead booker.


Once registered and when you have your wristbands, you will receive your welcome pack with details of the full weekend's entertainment and activities. 


What if I want to change/add people to my booking? 

Please email or if urgent, telephone the hotline 0208 156 2866. 


All amendments or additions are subject to a £10 administration fee, and strictly subject to availability. 


Please note refunds are ONLY available according to our Cancellation schedule as details as the first FAQ on this page. 


Can I reduce my booking by removing people from what I originally booked? 

This is not allowed, without you cancelling your entire booking and suffering any cancellation and admin charges. In part, this is to effectively maintain the integrity of the gender balancing. For example, if you booked a room for 2 males and 1 female, and then you wanted to remove one of the males, we may have already sold a female place against that male wristband. 


I made a mistake when booking, can you please amend my booking? 

A mistake identified within 24 hours will be liable for a £10 admin fee and no cancellation charges. Please email and then call 0208 156 2866 to ensure the email has been received. 


We will not consider any amendments after the 24 hour deadline. The fact remains, the booking system clearly shows what you are booking and the ‘basket’ is a second opportunity to verify all the details. Like any online purchase, you need to care when checking the Basket. 


What if I book and then need to cancel? 

Our cancellation schedule is detailed as the first FAQ on this page.  


Many also choose to sell their bookings on at original buying price to avoid the cancellation charges. You can do this via our social channels, where there are always people hunting for rooms.  


Rather than cancel my booking, can I just swap it for another Escape event? 

Yes, but it will still be subject to the cancellation charges. This isn’t us being mean, but we may have lost the opportunity to sell that apartment. 


Can I bring children? 

Under 18s are welcome but must always be accompanied by an adult, particularly in the dance spaces. 



What payment options are there? 

Bookings can be made using all major credit/debit cards, however we do not accept American Express. 


Which organisation is processing my payments? 

Barclaycard Payment Solutions which is part of Barclays Bank PLC. They provide the online payment infrastructure for a wide range of online payment services, and are leaders in this field. 


Is the online payment process safe? 

The online payment process is a secure process with Barclays. During the process the website you are directed to should have the prefix https://www. The ‘s’ in https indicates that it is a secure server. 


My booking transaction has failed. 

Unfortunately debit card companies unlike credit card companies track your spending patterns and will very often decline your card with no explanation if they think an online purchase doesn’t fit in with your regular shopping pattern. 


The most common issue is people trying to book using a work computer, the transaction will go all the way through and then your company firewall will block the transaction without an explanation. 


Occasionally, some home PCs also have security settings set too high, which prevents your browser from accessing the Credit card pages. 


After multiple unsuccessful attempts, if the above doesn’t help, please contact

I am an event organiser and would like to know whether I could bring a large group of dancers to this event? 

Please email 





How are you controlling the gender mix when booking? 

When there is a gender disparity between the men and women (and in reality we mean more women), then booking restrictions will apply. 


This means that we will track the gender balance as we go and close or release spaces accordingly. 


Unlike other events, we believe that getting the balance of men to women is important in terms of making this an enjoyable and inclusive event for everyone. 


It will certainly help if you endeavour to gender balance your bookings with dance friends before you try and book. 


Please note that to manage this process, upon arrival we will supply everyone with a ‘gender’ specific wristband based on each purchase and this cannot be swapped. 



I'm a lady and I want to go to attend your event. How can I do this if the gender balance is restricting bookings from ladies? 

As a lady you can do a number of things: 

  1. You find a friend and book as a mixed gender couple. 

  2. You book in a mixed gender group with an equivalent number of men to women. 

  3. You wait until closer to the date of the event when the men have started to book up and hopefully you will have the opportunity to book (although never guaranteed) 

  4. Keep an eye on Social Media for apartments / wristbands for sale. 


Please note that in order to manage this process, upon arrival we will supply everyone with a ‘gender’ specific wristband based on each purchase and this cannot be swapped. 



How will you manage and control the gender? 

At booking stage, our system has functionality for us to manage this automatically.  


When you arrive the men and ladies will be issued with appropriate coloured wrist bands which will have to be always worn when in the main entertainment’s complex. 


The wrist bands will be checked by stewards at the entrances to the main entertainment’s building to ensure the wearer has the correct coloured wrist band. 


Some people dodge the system by booking as couples, with no intention of bringing someone of the opposite sex with them. There is nothing that we can do about this. The measures we have in place intend to make booking as fair as possible for all. 



This gender control is frustrating as I want to book now! 

We totally accept that this is frustrating, but we believe it’s an important feature of our weekend to ensure people have equal opportunities to dance and enjoy the event.  


Would you still wish to come to the event if there were such an imbalance that you didn’t get any dance opportunities? 



Isn’t 'gender balancing' unfair, or illegal? 

Quite the opposite! We have consulted with the Equal Opportunities Commision as part of our due diligence procedures and they have confirmed in writing that this is not illegal if we make available equal numbers of tickets for women and men.  


On the contrary, offering more tickets for women and fewer for men would be illegal.  


It’s also worth noting that from our perspective that gender balancing means we lose a lot of potential sales, as well as generating ourselves lots of additional administration. We hope this goes some way to explaining that there is no agenda here, other than we are trying to create the best possible event for everyone. 




Do I need to bring anything with me when I check in? 

Bring a printout, image or download of your event ticket which should have been emailed to you at time of booking.  


Please ensure your group leader registers your details at prior to the event so you receive your ticket via email.  



What time can I check in/must I check out? 

Information about specific check in and check out times will be detailed in your confirmation email, and will differ between events. 


As an example: 


“The entrances to the site will open no earlier than 2pm and music will be played for anyone wishing to start their freestyle dancing early. 
Registration/Check-in times can be found in the venue descriptions.
You will need to vacate your room by 10am on the Monday morning.


Do I need to know my group leader’s surname in order to register? 

Please ensure you know your group leader’s surname prior to registering, and bring your event ticket (with QR code) either in printed or electronic form. 


Please note you cannot collect a wristband for a third party. Wristbands will be given to the individual who will wear it and it must be put on prior to leaving the registration room. 





Do all the rooms have kitchens? 

No. This is event is catered and the restaurant is open for breakfast and dinner mealtimes each day. 


There are tea and coffee making facilities in rooms. 

If you wish to leave the site to eat out, please see the venue information on the event website for local options.  


Do all the rooms have towels, linen, electricity and basic necessities like toilet paper? 

Yes – please see the accommodation page for precise room specification. The beds will be made upon arrival, towels will be supplied, toilet paper is supplied and tea and coffee making facilities are in the room. There is also no need to purchase electricity vouchers as power is included. 


Will my linen be changed and my room cleaned? 

Your room will be made up when you arrive, but will not be cleaned throughout the weekend. You will have to turn down your own bed and put your own chocolate on the pillow. 


How many keys will be available per room? 

There will be 1 key available per room, additional keys will be available from the Pontins reception upon payment of a deposit of £12. The deposit will be refunded when the spare key is returned. 


Are there disabled facilities? 

Yes, there is some accommodation specifically equipped for disabled guests, and all the dance venues are disabled friendly. Make sure you email prior to booking to ensure we have accessible room availability for you.  


The facilities provided in the rooms are not extensive, and therefore be sure to call to enquire about the facilities should you have specific questions. Most of our sites have accessible access on the ground floor.  





Is there a swimming pool on site? 

Many of our sites have pools, but this will be detailed on the unique event pages. 


Can I buy food on site? 

Our sites are catered and everyone uses the restaurant, so you do not have a kitchen or fridge in your apartment. 


There are places onsite where you can buy food, and local amenities where you can head out to a local cafe or bar. 


There are tea and coffee making facilities in each room. 


Those arriving after the scheduled dining times (as detailed on the unique event pages) will need to cater for themselves for that evening. 


What's the parking situation? 

Again, this differs between sites, but should be detailed on the unique event page. Sometimes there will be free onsite parking, sometimes booking car parking in advance is necessary, sometimes you will need to use public car parks/on road parking near the event. 


It is always necessary to park sensibly to maximise as many spaces as possible.  


Please do not block in an unknown car as they may be departing before you. 


I am Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian - will I be catered for? 

Event restaurants can cater for GF, Vegan & Vegetarian. In order for them to cater appropriately they have asked that we provide them with numbers of each, so please email if you require any of these options. 


If I miss breakfast or dinner, can I get food elsewhere? 

Don’t miss your meals 🙂 


The kitchen can only provide service between the designated time-slots as detailed on the unique event page, and if you miss this, you will have no alternative but to leave the site to dine out somewhere.  


Other considerations – Many sites have little shops and lunch time cafes on-site, but it has basic snack items only. There is no fridge in your room. 




What is covered in the cost? 

Your booking covers 3 nights accommodation, 2 meals per day (Friday dinner, Sat breakfast & dinner, Sunday breakfast & dinner, Monday breakfast), entrance to all the workshops and freestyles. 


Extra charges apply for limited capacity, pre-bookable masterclasses. 


Electricity is supplied and your beds will be made upon arrival with fresh linen. Towels and toilet rolls supplied. 


Are the main Dance Areas air conditioned? 

There is no air conditioning at our sites, although there will be plenty of industrial fans operating in the dance spaces, and outdoor ventilation where possible. 


Do I have to book for the workshops / activities in advance? 

There is no need to book places on the available workshops / classes. You can simply stroll up and join in any class. A full schedule of workshops will be available 2 weeks before the event.  


NB: there are a few Masterclasses that are maximum capacity and require booking in advance, and this can be done on-line prior to the event, or at the registration desk upon arrival, subject to availability. Details will be on the website 2 weeks prior to the event. 


What time does the freestyle end? 

4am or later! 

Will I have to wear a wristband all weekend? 

Yes, you do if you want to have access to the entertainment complex where all the workshops and freestyle dancing is to be held, and where the bars and restaurants are situated. 


The wristbands are also great for security ensuring that people who should not be at our event can be easily identified and removed. 


What if I lose my wristband? 

We’re sorry but it’s no different to going to a pop concert or a football match, if you lose your wristband you will have to buy a replacement (£99). 


The security wristbands are very difficult to lose. They literally have to be cut off with scissors and cannot be removed accidentally. 


Can I film Workshops with my phone/camera? 

It is permissible to video at this event. Please make sure you gain the permission of the teachers and never film during the class as this can be very distracting for those on stage. 


Will there be anyone on site selling dance shoes? 

There will be shoes on sale for men and ladies. 


Can I bring my pet? 

This is site specific, and you should enquire at 

Can I come if I have never danced Ceroc before? 

Sometimes, our weekenders do not included Beginners workshops and are therefore recommended for intermediate and advanced dancers. 


We always want everyone who attends our events to have an enjoyable time and therefore it is recommended that you complete at least 8 beginners sessions at any one of our regular class nights around the country to gain maximum enjoyment and benefit. 


If you wish to know whether Beginner classes will be available at a specific event, please email  

Free drinking water? 

Yes, there will be jugs of water available at the bar. We strongly encourage all dancers to bring reusable plastic / metal water bottles. 


Make sure you mark up with your full name to assist us with lost property. 


I'm a Ceroc Taxi dancer/crew member. Are there any discounts available? 

Again, this is event specific. Please see the ‘benefits’ section of your crew login at to read full details about our specific events. 

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